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                BSG Trading Bot with 11 Indicators Bundle - Annual Subscription

                Sale 50%

                Our NinjaTrader Indicators can be the top choice of Day Trading Software you ever purchase.

                NinjaTrader 8 is a powerful automated software platform that supports investors interested in futures, Forex, CFDs, and stock markets. To make trading on NinjaTrade 8 more fluid, we developed eight insightful indicators that deliver analytics, trends, and support for all investors. Discover the benefits and advantages of each of these indicators:

                BG Bear Bulls Technical Indicator: Provides key entry and exit points so you can more easily keep your eyes on your most important trades. (see more)
                BG Advanced VWAP Indicator: The volume-weighted average price (VWAP) indicator is a benchmark that provides the average price a security has traded throughout each day, based on volume and price. (see more)
                BG Trailing Stop: This indicator is best used to determine the market’s overall trend direction. It will protect gains by remaining open as long as the price is moving in the investor’s favor. The order closes if the price changes in the opposite direction. (see more)
                BG Supply Demand Indicator: A popular analytic indicator for day traders, supply and demand zones are periods of price action that often come before volatile price changes. (see more)
                BG Order Flow Zones 2.0 Indicator: An excellent way to anticipate price movement based on current visible orders - includes both buy and sell positions. (see more)
                BG Order Flow Indicator: Provides analysis and visualization of both buying and selling trade activity. Its footprint style visualizations are color-coded to supply information at a glance. (see more)
                BG Blue Chip Indicator: So simple to use and works with any market and on any timeframe. (see more)
                A.I. Powered AutoTrader: This automated trading system is based on our Blue Chip Indicator and is truly A.I. powered. (see more)

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