Volume-Weighted Average Price (VWAP).

Our most Successful Traders know to never Trade without VWAP.

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Why you need the BG VWAP Indicator.

The volume-weighted average price (VWAP) is one of the most famous indicators used by traders. BG VWAP not only shows you the VWAP but also allows you to select up to 4 standard deviation bands. When price moves beyond 1-2 standard deviations away from VWAP it is very likely that price will return to (VWAP).
This makes these standard deviation bands a good spot to be looking for trades. With BG VWAP you have 4 different standard deviation bands.

Sell Above VWAP
Buy Below VWAP

  • Green and Red shaded area is Adjustable Range for the VWAP.
  • Plots Up to 4 different standard deviation bands.
  • Colorize VWAP to show up / downtrend.
  • Works on any market.
  • Works on any timeframe.
  • Works with any bar type.