A combination of a Trend, Sideways/Chop Detection & Trailing Stop Loss indicator. Suitable for use in all timeframes & markets, it can be used to determine the overall trend direction of the market, rising (Bullish), falling (Bearing), or sideways/ consolidating (Neutral/ Choppy).

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Why you need the BG Trailing Stop Indicator

Market price ABOVE Trailing Stop line

Market price BELOW Trailing Stop line

Stable Market
Tighter Trailing Stop Loss more effective

ALPHA Parameter
Affect the overall level of TREND Detection

BETA Parameter
Control the DISTANCE of the line away from price

GAMMA Parameter
Control the level of CHOP Detection

Auto Trader + BG Trailing Stop

(Annual Plan)

The BSG AutoTrader is a true A.I. Powered, Automated Trading System based on our BGBlueChip Indicator.

$897 / year

Includes BG Trailing Stop Indicator

100% automated entries, exits and stops

Works in any liquid market and timeframe

Ability to intervene anytime

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BG Trailing Stop

(Annual Plan)

Combination of a Trend, Sideways/Chop Detection, and Trailing Stop Loss indicator. Determine overall trend direction of the market.

$497 / year

Suitable for all timeframes and markets

Rising, falling or sideways/consolidating

Used as a dynamic STOP LOSS indicator

3 parameters: Alpha, Beta & Gamma

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BG Levels

(Annual Plan)

Displays Institutional buy and sell levels; levels of interest where the 'Smart Money' is buying, selling and where they are exiting.

$497 / year

Buy at a cross of Level Up line (to upside)

Sell at the target line

Sell short at a cross below Level Down line

Exit your short at the target line

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Additional License

(Annual Plan)

Second Computer License for the main BSG Indicators NT8 package. Must have an existing subscription in order to purchase.

$97 / year

BG Chip Indicator

BG Order Flow Indicator

BG Order Flow Zones MTA

BG Supply Demand Indicator




(Annual Plan)

Get 3 Products and SAVE! Bundle includes:

AutoTrader software

BG Trailing Stop Indicator

BG Levels Indicator

$997 / year