BG Order Flow

BG OrderFlow Helps Traders identify buying and selling pressure through the analysis and visualization of trade activity.

This feature uses OrderFlow, and volumetric bars in market depth, to confirm movement in specific market direction.

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Why you need the BG Order Flow Indicator.

Volumetric bars provide traders with a Tick by Tick representation of the buying and selling pressure within each bar of the market. It utilizes footprint style visualizations to show OrderFlow in balance, Perform market delta analysis and identify volume clusters, absorption, exhaustion and unfinished auction patterns.
Red numbers on Left = Sellers.
Blue Numbers on the Right = Buyers.

Go Long with Blue Triangles under price.
Go Short with Red Triangles above price.

Yellow Highlighted Boxes of the Right side Bar = Buyer.s
Go Long when yellow highlighted boxes appear below price.

Yellow Highlighted Boxes on the Left side bar = Sellers.
Go Short when yellow highlighted boxes appear above price. Works best on 4 or 5 Range Bars.

Yellow Bar on Top = Short.
Yellow Bar on Bottom = Long.

Quick and easy to access context menu to quickly flip between the different styles and show/hide bar statistics or footprint summary.

  • Works on any timeframe.
  • Works on any market.
  • Works on any bar-type.
  • Works with any NinjaTrader license.

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