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"Many thanks for your prompt response, that is much appreciated. Your products are amazing and are core to my trading (& making a living). You are all a great team."


"Hey guys, I am happy to report that your software is amazing. I use BG Supply/Demand and overlay it with BG Order Flow Zones and BG Blue Chip. Very Happy Customer."


"I have been trading now for 12 years with so-so results. I haven’t looked back after using your indicators. Very quick with emails and quick to help your clients."


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Why BuySide Global?

The BSG A.I. Powered Indicators are based off of proprietary software algorithms that deliver real-time buy and sell signals on time-tested strategies.

BSG AutoTrader is a true A.I. Powered, Automated Trading System based on our BGBlueChip Indicator.

BG Trailing Stop is a combination of a Trend, Sideways/Chop Detection & Trailing Stop Loss indicator. Use in all timeframes & markets.


The BuySide Global Indicators for NinjaTrader was built by a team of professional traders working for some of the worlds largest investment banks. Today our Indicators for NinjaTrader are used around the world.
The BuySide Global Indicators for NinjaTrader track every movement of institutional traders. The BuySide Global Indicators algorithm deliver real time proprietary buy and sell signals on time tested strategies. The Indicators for NinjaTrader works on all markets, including stocks, futures, ETF, commodities, Forex, bonds or any other freely traded markets.
The BSG Auto Trader or commonly referred to as automated trading algorithm, and automated trading software — allows traders to establish specific rules for both trade entries and exits that, once programmed, can be automated. The System is 100% Automated Entrys, Exits, and Stops The AutoTrader is universal, works on all markets, and works with any time frame
The BuySide Global Indicators for NinjaTrader are universal and works with any time frame including day trading, swing trading, and position trading. The BuySide Global Indicators for NinjaTrader utilizes cutting edge technology by combining quantitative analysis, predictive analytics, and other proprietary statistically backed formulas.
The BSG Trading Software methodology is built on software recognition of institutional buy and sell programs that can be easily identified for the user - automated trading algorithms.
Professional traders know the importance of never doing the opposite of what institutional traders are doing. That’s because the market moves in the same direction that institutional traders are moving in.
When institutional traders are in accumulation mode, the market goes up. When institutional traders are in distribution mode, the market goes down.
Prices do not move because of some magical technical indicator on your screen or moving average combination.
In order for price to move, market participants needs to execute orders; enough orders to consume the liquidity at the best BETER OFFER. If no orders are going to be executed, then price is not going to move.

When we say, “never miss a big move,” we mean it!
BuySide Global provides sophisticated order flow indicators, advanced order flow indicators, along with divergence and volume analysis for futures, stocks, and options. Plus, our software reduces extraneous information and showcases easy-to-understand signals, which will streamline the buy-sell-stop process.
By using all of the available tools, many who use our software quickly develop profitable strategies. Our OrderFlow based software will take much of the guesswork out of your trades, which relieves the stress.
Our members consistently give our software outstanding reviews. That goes for our technical support staff too. You are never left hanging. We are always here to help, although once the software is loaded you will be ready to roll without much of a learning curve.
Charts and indicators tell you what happened in the past. With our Indicators for NinjaTrader you will no longer question your trade entries and exits because they will be based upon knowledge, not not upon guesses. When you trade with knowledge you can trade with confidence.
With the BuySide Global Indicators for NinjaTrader you will see and feel the markets in an entirely new way. You will have the same feel for the markets that institutional traders have. The premise behind the BuySide Global Indicators for NinjaTrader is that institutional trader behavior leads price movement. Because our Indicators for NinjaTrader shows you what the smart money is doing, and when you trade with the smart money you trade with confidence.
The BuySide Global Indicators for NinjaTrader assists the trader in identifying trading opportunities by very clearly and graphically displaying color changes that correspond the changes in price, volume, order flow, and trend.
Blue is bullish - more buyers than sellers. Gold is neutral - price consolidation. Red is bearish - more sellers than buyers.
The price bars reflect these conditions. In an uptrend there are more buyers than seller and the price bar turns blue with buy on blue price bars.
Gold price bars represent market indecision or price consolidation and no action needs to be taken.
In a down trend, there are more sellers than buyers and the price bars turn red. We sell on red price bars.
Our Indicators for NinjaTrader will show you precisely where the balance of buyers and sellers begins to shift and a change in direction becomes imminent.
Our manual located in our members section located in our website will provide you with very simple, yet highly powerful trading examples. We recommend you clear your trading mindset and study the rules and charts and become familiar with our software. In the next few videos we will show you additional trading samples and how best to use our software, but obviously we implore you to practice and paper trade as much as possible before trading live with our software.