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Indicators Advanced Order Flow Divergence & Volume Analysis

Follow the Smart Money with OrderFlow Based Software.

The secret to success is in our Powerful Indicators that let you read the market like a book, alongside our powerful A.I. AutoTrader that makes trades faster and better than any human ever could.

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"Many thanks for your prompt response, that is much appreciated. Your products are amazing and are core to my trading (& making a living). You are all a great team."


"Hey guys, I am happy to report that your software is amazing. I use BG Supply/Demand and overlay it with BG Order Flow Zones and BG Blue Chip. Very Happy Customer."


"I have been very successfully trading with your indicator now for the past 2 months. I am profitable. I really like the indicators and have developed a great strategy."


"I’ve been a retail trader/investor for over 20 years, the visualizations provided via the indicators & critical market information are really amazing. I succeeded by means of the hard work you’ve put into developing the indicators."


"My 1st day with the indicators is +15.75 points already. And it's only half over. That's with my 1st trade screwup of not placing my stop 0.25 below the stop indicator costing me 5 points. I knew this was what I needed."


"I have been trading now for 12 years with so-so results. After using BSG Indicators, I have become very successful. I haven’t looked back after using your indicators. Very quick with emails and quick to help your clients."


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100% Compatible with NinjaTrader and Kinetick

Why BuySide Global?

The BSG A.I. Powered Indicators are based off of proprietary software algorithms that deliver real-time buy and sell signals on time-tested strategies.

BSG AutoTrader is a true A.I. Powered, Automated Trading System based on our BGBlueChip Indicator.

BG Trailing Stop is a combination of a Trend, Sideways/Chop Detection & Trailing Stop Loss indicator. Use in all timeframes & markets.


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  • BG Trailing Stop


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Our Support Team is always here to help you.