The BSG AutoTrader is a true A.I. Powered, Automated Trading System based on our BGBlueChip Indicator

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Why do I need the AutoTrader?

  • All trade entry, exit and trade management is fully automated.
  • The system is universal and will work in any liquid market.
  • The system will also work well in any time frames.
  • 100% automated entries, exits and stops.
  • Control risk, manage your trades more efficiently.
  • Remove human emotion & interference.
  • Trades adjust with market volatility.
  • Ability to intervene anytime.
  • Built by industry experts' coders
  • Algo is built for trading, testing & optimization
  • Performance stress tested on different risk parameters
  • Fully automated trading & customizable back testing
  • Multi-Timeframe Algos & Indicators Built In
  • Management & Trade Plans (stops, targets, qty, trails, break-evens)

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Investors interested in automating trades while managing risks will benefit significantly from using AutoTrader. Never miss a big move!

A vital part of any trader’s success, particularly those who trade frequently, is having the ability to evaluate the patterns in trading data. An analysis system, such as our A.I. powered auto trading software system, is technically sophisticated yet easy to navigate and utilize.

Trading through the use of artificial intelligence (AI) is the way of the future. It uses Robo-advisers to analyze millions of data points and execute trades at the optimal price.

Wait until you see it in action. The cost of the software includes our support team is available whenever you need assistance.