Product Videos

We want you to be a successful trader, which is why we made you these videos. They will answer most 99% of all your support Questions.

Please watch these as they will get you up to speed. Please enjoy this short trade video to help you get your chart setup with NT8.

Here's a webinar we recently hosted. It contains BuySide Global’s “Best” chart setups, indicator settings, strategies employed by our top traders and much more. We strongly suggest you watch this webinar (first) in its entirety as it will not only help you get up to speed as a new subscriber but it will show you how we use our indicators and help take your trading to the next level.

Below are 2 webinars we hosted a while back and a quick get started video. Once you are a registered Member, you can also check out hundreds of videos on our “Trade Videos” tab in the exclusive Members Area section, such as the webinars below.