Labour Day Sale

$3,465 worth of indicators for just $249

We have been thinking about what would make a special Labour Day Sale offer.

At the same, how to empower our trading community with enough arsenal to fire off powerful trades?

This is why we are offering never before opportunity to have access to all the 7 best indicators with a monthly subscription.

Each indicator would cost $495 per year, and all 7 Indicators would cost $3,465

Just as the Labour day ONLY offer, now you do not need to pay

For just $249, you will have access to all 7 best indicators as a monthly subscription.

And to make it even sweeter, We just enabled an additional 25% on top of this ridiculously low price offer.
Use NTBG25 as a discount code, it is valid only today

After this discount code, it will be just
$186.75 (It's less than 4 points on ES)

Indicators Included in this Monthly Subscription:
1. BG Blue Chip Indicator - Simple Entry & Exits Signals.
2. BG Trailing Stop Indicator - Find Pricing trends quickly.
3. BG Order Flow Zones Indicator - Get Orderflow Zone Changes in real-time.
4. BG Order Flow Indicator - Visualize Bids & Asks to find Order Flow balance.
5. BG Bear Bulls Indicator - Trading signals for Bear Power and Bull Power entries.
6. BG VWAP Indicator - Volume-Weighted Average Price.
7. BG Supply & Demand Indicator - Real-time & accurate Support & Resistance levels.