Indicators Combo Subscription

Getting Started

Thank you for being BuySide Global customer.

How to remove any older version of the Indicators:
Step #1: Go to "Tools" >> "Remove NinjaScript Assembly" >> Remove old BSG Bot software.

Step #2: Select the following software and click remove.

 - BuySideGlobal_BlueChip

 - BuySideGlobal_SupplyDemand

 - BuySideGlobal_TrailingStop

 - BuySideGlobal_BearBulls

 - BuySideGlobal_OrderFlow

 - BuySideGlobal_OrderFlowZones

 - BuySideGlobal_OrderFlowZonesMTA

 - BuySideGlobal_VWAP

Download links for your software:

How to install the software:

  • Click on the link above and download the software to your desktop.
  • Open NinjaTrader 8 Platform, and navigate to "Tools" >> "Import" >>"NinjaScript Add-on"
  • Select the downloaded zip file and install.
  • Repeat the installation process for all the software listed above

The video guide below explains how to install third-party indicators.

Videos & Details to get started on the indicators:

Blue Chip Indicator -

Supply Demand Indicator -

Trailing Stop Indicator -

Order Flow Indicator -

Order Flow Zones Indicator -

Bear Bulls Indicator -

VWAP Indicator -