BG Chipper Trading Bot

100% Automated Trading Strategy

Order Flow based & fully automated trade entry, exit and trade management

Why you should Trade with a BOT?

Trade Without Emotions
Human Emotions causes Trading failures.
Trading Bots do not have any emotions. 
Trading Consistency
Lot of traders have excellent trading strategy, but they fail sometimes due to lack of consistency. Trading Bots can repeat your Trading Process with 100% accuracy & 100% consistency every time. 
Don't miss your Trade before its too late
Manual Trading causes delay to scan, decide, enter the trade and execute. By the time you execute your trade, the trade opportunity might be already gone. 
Trading Bots can detect signals, filter signals and place trades in matter of microseconds. 
BackTest, Refine, Repeat then Automate Trades
Trading Bot is the best and only solution to back test and validate your Trading Strategy.
Tweak the settings, Back Test it, Repeat until you are satisfied and ready to start Trading.

Why BG Chipper Trading Bot?

Trade Entries

Bot uses BG Blue Chip Trading Bot for Automated Trade Entries

Trade Filter for Multi-Level Confirmations

Every trade entry signals are validated and filtered through BG Supply Demand & BG Trailing Stop Filter to filter by Supply / Resistance levels & Bullish / Bearish Trends.

Best in class Risk Management

Your STOP LOSS, Target, and risk management is automated using BG Trailing Stop & BG Order Flow Zone Indicators.

Backtest, Live tested & easy to get started

Back Tested & Live Tested across different instruments, different timeframe & different chart types. Performance stress tested on different risk parameters.

Personalize with advanced customizations

You can customize the Bot completely with advanced settings starting from signals, filters, targets, stop loss, ...

How BG Trading Bot Works?

Frequently Asked


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Is it Annual Subscription?

Yes, this is an annual subscription payment. It will be auto renewed every year. You can always reach us here to cancel your subscription before the next payment due. 

Do you offer trial period?

Unfortunately we do not offer any trial period. 

What instruments I can trade with BG Chipper Trading Bot?

You can trade Futures, Forex, Stocks and even crypto futures.

When will I get BOT Software?

Once the payment is complete, we will send you instructions to follow to generate your BOT license for your machine. Typically, we can you get started within 1 day (business hours) 

What kind of support I can get to started?

Our support & trading team to help you not only to started, to answer any questions and also you can jump in call with our team to help your trading journey. You can contact us here or call us to the phone number +1 (435) 659-8581

Can I use this BOT in TradeStation or MT5 or Think or Swim?

BG Chipper Trading Bot works only on NinjaTrader 8 platform.