BSG Full Bundle Annual Members Software

Thank you for being BuySide Global customer.

Please follow the below mentioned steps to remove the older version of the BSG software and install the newer version.

How to remove any older version of Bot and Indicators(Only, if you have any older version):
Step #1:Go to "Tools" >> "Remove NinjaScript Assembly" >> Remove old BSG Bot software.

Step #2: Select the following software and click remove.

- Final.BGFearGreed

- BuySideGlobalNT8

- Final.BuySideGlobal

- Any other BuySide Global Software if you may already have.

Download links for your software: (
this package includes 3 indicators BG Supply Demand, BG Trailing Stop & BG OrderFlow Zones Indicators) (this package includes BG OrderFlow Zones & BG OrderFlow Zones MTA Indicators)

How to install the software:

  • Click on the link above and download the software to your desktop.
  • Open NinjaTrader 8 Platform, and navigate to "Tools" >> "Import" >>"NinjaScript Add-on"
  • Select the downloaded zip file and install.
  • Repeat the installation process for all the software listed above

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