BuySide Global’s proprietary software algorithms track Institutional Traders as they change their bids and offers, identify when Institutions are selling into the highs or buying into the lows and deliver real-time buy and sell signals on time-tested strategies. Our software works on all markets, including Stocks, Futures, ETF’s, Commodities, Forex and Bonds. BuySide Global is universal and works with any time frame including day trading, swing trading and position trading. How would your trading change if you knew what Institutional Traders knew?

Professional traders know the importance of NEVER doing the opposite of what Institutional Traders are doing. That’s because the market tends to move in the same direction that Institutional Traders are moving in.

When Institutional Traders are in accumulation mode, the market tends to go UP.
When Institutional Traders are in distribution mode, the market tends to go DOWN.

The BuySide Global trading methodology is built on software recognition of Institutional Buy and Sell programs that can be easily identified for the user.

BuySide Global allows you to:
*Easily monitor Order Flow to identify price reversals!
*Read the Buy and Sell pressure in the market to determine who’s in control…buyers or sellers!
*Where to enter, when to enter, and how to manage your trades!
*Trade alongside HFT’s, Algos, and bots!
*Execute your trades on what the market is telling you…not on your emotions!

BuySide Global automatically scans the market for you. It monitors any market and any time frame you want to track. It pinpoints which markets are hot, and which are not.

Since Institutional action precedes price movement, by following what Institutional Traders are doing, BuySide Global’s software allows you to watch a move develop early on. With its scanning power, BuySide Global shows you in real-time where the money is flowing.

The premise behind BuySide Global is that Institutional Trader behavior leads price movement. It logically follows that if you have the ability to see what Institutional Traders are doing, you can have a real good idea of where the market will go. BuySide Global was developed to accomplish this, and to provide you with different ways to look into Institutional Trader behavior. Monitor what the “Smart Money” is doing.

Institutional Traders are those who trade on behalf of others and include hedge funds, investment banks, brokerage firms, commercial banks, mutual funds, pension funds, insurance companies and large investment advisory firms. They trade large blocks of shares and therefore, command a better price and literally move the market. An individual investor selling a small number of shares has no influence on the market compared to Institutional Traders looking to move hundreds of thousands or millions of shares through high frequency trading, algorithms, flash orders and dark pools.