What Is BuySide Global?

BuySide Global’s proprietary software algorithms deliver real-time Buy and Sell (Short) signals on time-tested winning strategies. The software works on all markets, including Stocks, Futures, ETF’s, Commodities, Forex, Bonds or any other freely traded markets. BuySide Global is universal, and works with any time frame including day trading, swing trading and position trading.

What Markets Can I Trade?

BuySide Global works in every market, with every style of trading. Perfect for day traders, swing traders and position traders. It works in any market condition – Bull or Bear. BuySide Global works in any time frame as well: Daily charts, weekly charts, monthly charts, minute charts, range charts, tick charts or our proprietary BuySide Global Bars.

How Does The Software Work?

BuySide Global targets clean, easy to see price reversal points at support and resistance levels carved out by the markets price action. BuySide Global assists the trader in identifying trading opportunities by very clearly and graphically displaying color changes that correspond with changes in price, volume and trend.

How Can I Get Started With BuySide Global?

If you are a current NinjaTrader user, simply go to our purchase page and follow the simple instructions to register, download and install BuySide Global for the NinjaTrader package. Otherwise, you must first open a NinjaTrader account.

What Is Required To Use BuySide Global For NinjaTrader?

1. The NinjaTrader software package and an active NinjaTrader account.
2. Access to real-time or historical data feed. You will need a data feed that supports historical tick data. We recommend Kinetick data and NinjaTrader Brokerage data that include this functionality.
3. The BuySide Global software package.

How Can I Get NinjaTrader?

To register for and download NinjaTrader, please go HERE:

Where Can I Learn More About BuySide Global?

Please visit our “Members” section on our website: www.buysideglobal.com

What If I Have Questions Or A Problem?

Our offices are open each trading day during market hours. You can email support at any time. You will receive a response within 24 hours. Please remember that we are traders and we may have to get back to you later in the day.

Is There Technical Support Available At BuySide Global?

Yes. The BuySide Global team is always here to answer your e-mail questions. We want BuySide Global to help make you the best trader you can be.